Ulzeraide Plus – Gut Health, Mycotoxin Binder and Probiotics

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Equine Gut Health, Mycotoxin Binder, and Probiotics

Are you searching for a solution to enhance your horse’s gut health and effectively bind mycotoxins? Look no further than Ulzeraide Plus!

This unique formula contains a combination of probiotics, herbs, earth-based nutrients, and mannan oligosaccharides. These ingredients help assist digestion, absorption, and utilization of feed. Additionally, it contains Aloe Vera extract powder, which is an important building block in the normal tissue repair process of the gastrointestinal system.

Equine Gastric and Hindgut Ulcers

Even under the best management program, a horse can develop gastric ulcers and hindgut ulcers,  from the stress of travel, stabling, competitions, separation anxiety, and injuries. Supplementing with a nutritional supplement can help, alongside veterinary medication and diet changes.

Ulzeraide Plus is the ultimate nutritional supplement that helps support the Gastrointestinal system and contains a mycotoxin binder (Meriden Fusion DYAD) to aid in the management of the harmful effects of feed-borne mycotoxins.


If your horse experiences any of these symptoms below, it could be deficient in nutrients they are not receiving through its diet and would benefit from Ulzeraide Plus as a daily supplement.

  • Colicky, poor appetite, eating slowly, walking away from meals, not eating hay, weight loss, and overall poor condition.
  • Reluctant to hold vertebrae adjustments and is muscle sore for no apparent reason.
  • Pain in the wither region is often a saddle fitting issue, but when the professional saddle fitter comes out numerous times and can’t find a problem with the saddle.
  • The horse is sore on the right hind, may step short, or have an odd gait.
  • Noticeably depressed, tension in the jaw and face, spooky behavior.
  • Showing signs of gut pain, and a bloated stomach.
  • Girthy, resistant to grooming, and showing aggression, (biting, kicking, ears back, and tail swishing).
  • Body soreness over the lumbar region and withers, soreness through the flank and over the last rib.
  • Poor athletic performance, kicking out, bucking, tail swishing, reluctance to move forward, tense when ridden, stiff neck and shoulders, and difficulty bending.

Are you concerned about the effects of mycotoxins?

Ulzeraide Plus contains a mycotoxin binder – Fusion® DYAD* – designed to minimise the negative effects of feed borne mycotoxins.


💊 Broad-Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder: Fusion® DYAD* helps reduce the risk of Aflatoxins, Fumonisins, Lolitrem-B, Ergot Alkaloids, and Zearalenone.

💎 Pure Bentonite: The pure form of Bentonite and Mannan Oligosaccharides (extracted from the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) provide dual-action, physical, and chemical binding of a range of mycotoxins.

🔬 Ammonia-Binding Properties: In addition to selectively minimising the risk of mycotoxins, it also has excellent ammonia-binding properties.

How it Works:

Fusion® DYAD* is a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder that binds to mycotoxins in the feed, preventing them from being absorbed by the animal. The pure form of Bentonite and Mannan Oligosaccharides provide dual-action, physical, and chemical binding of a range of mycotoxins. In addition, it also has excellent ammonia-binding properties and can be used as an anti-caking agent.

Are you looking for a probiotic that can help maintain good health and well-being?

PROBIOTICS – Introducing Living Bacteria
Commonly known as direct-fed microbial, probiotics are live microorganisms administered to the horse. The purpose of probiotics is to promote a thriving bacterial environment by increasing the population of beneficial bacteria.

Ulzeraide Plus contains LEVUCELL SB. This probiotic strain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii, has been used in human medicine for more than 50 years and is well documented with more than 300 available scientific publications. It has also been used in animal feeding for more than 20 years.


🧪 Microbiota balance: LEVUCELL SB consumes the oxygen inside the gut, creating a good environment for the development of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting some activity of microbial toxins, such as Clostridium difficile Toxin A and E. coli endotoxin.

💊 Gut integrity: LEVUCELL SB helps increase crypt depth and villus height, limiting intestinal permeability.

💪 Natural defenses: Natural defenses are reinforced thanks to local immune system modulation.

Humic and Fulvic Acid

This revolutionary product features fulvic and humic acids derived from ancient plant matter, perfect for maintaining cellular balance and optimum digestive health.


  • Fulvic Acid: An electrolyte that helps maintain cellular balance.
  • Humic Acid: Maintains optimum digestive health.
  • Improved Nutritive Value of Feed: Stabilizes the intestinal flora and improves protein digestion and calcium and trace element utilization.
  • Boost Gut Biology: Increases nutrient uptake and feed utilisation, assisting in optimum digestion.

How it Works:

Humic and Fulvic Acid work to increase the efficiency of all nutrition that enters your horse including supplements, mineral licks, dry feed, and pasture. This natural product boosts gut biology while increasing nutrient uptake and feed utilisation, assisting in optimum digestion. This healthy gut flora is key to overall wellness because it supports immunity and improved digestion.

To Learn More About Gastric Ulcers

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Ingredients per 22gm scoop
Fusion®DYAD –  The pure form of Bentonite and Mannan Oligosaccharides (extracted from the cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae)  – 10grams
Humic and Fulvic Acid – 6.5 gm
Fenugreek Powder – 3 gm
NZ Zeolite – 1 gm
Levucell SB -(Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii) –  1 gm
Ginger – 250 mg
Aloe Vera – 250 mg

Contains a mycotoxin binder (Meriden Fusion DYAD) to aid in the management of the negative effects of feed-borne mycotoxins. Meriden Fusion DYAD is Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A011062 which contains Bentonite and Inactivated yeast. See food safety.govt.nz for registration conditions.

Does not contain Selenium.

Feeding Instructions

Dosage: Horses and Ponies 250kg – 650kg: 

Begin with 22gm, (1 scoop) per day mixed with feed until familiar with taste and smell.

High-risk dose rate: Horses and ponies experiencing health challenges, stress from travel, stabling, competitions, and separation anxiety 66gm per day, (3 scoops). For best results divide between 2 daily feeds. Reduce to a maintenance dose once symptoms and stress have reduced.

Maintenance dose:  44gm, (2 scoops) per day mixed with feed.

Low dose: 22gm, (1 scoop) per day mixed with feed.

Dosage: Ponies and Foals up to 250kg: 

Begin with ½ a scoop in feed until familiar with taste and smell.

High-risk dose rate: Ponies and foals experiencing health challenges, stress from travel, stabling, competitions, separation anxiety, and weaning 44gm, (2 scoops) per day. For best results divide between 2 daily feeds. Reduce to a maintenance dose once symptoms and stress have reduced.

Maintenance dose:  22gm, (1 scoop) per day mixed with feed.

Low dose: 11gm, (1/2 scoop) per day mixed with feed.

The daily dose can be fed once or twice a day depending on individual feeding arrangements. For horses on the ‘High Risk’ dose rate, feeding twice a day is recommended for the best results.

Please Note: Ulzeraide Plus can be fed in conjunction with Veterinary treatment for Ulcers. It can be fed during a course of Omeprazole or after treatment.

Contains no prohibited substances for racing, endurance, showing, and FEI competitions.

Important: Reseal packaging after use.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Packaging: Stand-up Pouch or Foil which is resealable with a clear plastic scoop.

Size: 1.2kg, 2.4kg.


Sophie and Chelly – March 2022

My pony Jinx had previously had stomach ulcers but even after treatment, he was still off and on being grumpy when touched and had a very tense choppy way of going especially his canter. So we started using Ulzeraide Plus to prevent the ulcers from coming back and it changed his whole way of going! He’s now a very chilled-out pony who really covers the ground when moving. He has always been a very successful show pony but since getting on top of the ulcers he can now put in a very good dressage test starting out at Level 2 this year with some scores in the 70s! He can also score well in his canter work and has recently come home with lots of champion paced and mannered in the show ring something we never thought of would be possible before. I’ve had amazing results with the Power Star Nutrition products and highly recommend them.

Sophie Alexander – Auckland – February 2020

If you are looking to try some new supplements for your horses look no further!

I have been using Power Star Nutrition, Ulzeraide Plus, and Pazture Mag and absolutely love them.

Ulzeraide Plus is amazing for keeping my boys’ tummies happy, during the season their bodies are put under stress and dietary changes, this can upset the gastrointestinal system and lead to ulcers. Ulzeraide Plus supports the gastrointestinal system and prevents ulcers as well as contains a mycotoxin binder to manage the negative effects of feed-borne mycotoxins.

Pazture Mag contains magnesium and thiamine (B1) which replace what is lacking in the grass, this allows my horses to feel relaxed and focused for both at-home training and competition.

The Power Star Nutrition products are all produced within the FEI swabbing regulations and are of the highest quality. Thank you, Sophie Alexander.

Kiri Parrish – November 2022

Ivy is an 8-year-old mare. On arrival, she was spooky and highly strung. She was touchy to brush. After feeding a combination of Ulzeraide Plus and Pazture Guarde she is happy to be groomed.  This has helped her cope with grass changes and settle her down, reducing the spookiness. Chaste Berry has also helped, barely noticing her in season since. I highly recommend the products.

Alice Cochran – Auckland – March 2020

My 15-year-old mare Jazz has been using Power Star Nutrition supplements for 4 years now. In 2016 I contacted Rachel for nutritional advice and started Jazz on Pazture Mag and Ulzeraide Plus. It literally worked on her within 3 days of feeding. Her temperament changed dramatically and was a pleasure to ride. She went from spooking at her shadow to relaxed and rideable.
I then added ‘Ease Up’ for her joints as she was always a bit stiff starting out on a ride. This too has had an amazing effect on her. She feels so much softer throughout her body! And is much happier in her work. Yay!
I also started my mare Jay on the supplements. Jay’s coat is amazing! She won best Rheinland Mare last week on the Hanoverian tour! The judges were all very impressed with her shiny coat and dapples. The girls have been so happy and relaxed the past month.

Becky Watson – Auckland – July 2016

Luca has always been a horse who struggles in winter and is a typical thoroughbred. He is stressy, has separation anxiety, and can’t stand still when tied up. His weight was dropping quite substantially a couple of weeks before my investigation into supplements that would help, despite increasing his feed. I contacted Rachel 5 weeks ago after hearing recommendations about her product Ulzeraide. Upon more research and a chat with Rachel, it seemed to me a better alternative to one of the popular products on the market. Ulzeraide is affordable to feed so I started feeding him. I did not change his feed during the five weeks however he was in light work for the first two weeks but then had three weeks off while I was overseas. He was on a scoop of Ulzeraide every second day, (this is below recommended daily dose) and a teaspoon of Pazture Mag. He gets a sweet feed type mix with Lucerne chaff and a scoop of equilibrium.

I returned from my holiday after 5 weeks of Luca being on the products. He was looking a lot better condition-wise and more importantly happier and stress-free. He stood for the first time ever calmly!! He seemed a lot more relaxed in the eye and the face. We went for a hack up the road with his mates, and he was such a gentleman, not putting a foot wrong or spooking at anything. He was not titchy or uptight, it was like he was a different horse!! This was, after three weeks off, and I was expecting a rocket. Especially as this horse generally needs a lunge before a ride with even just a week off!! I highly recommend Ulzeraide to anybody who is struggling with similar symptoms to me – I’ve never been one to go crazy with the supplements, but I’m sold on Ulzeraide.

4 reviews for Ulzeraide Plus – Gut Health, Mycotoxin Binder and Probiotics

  1. Hana Bognuda

    Works absolute wonders, my horses look incredible and my feed bill has dropped since feeding!

  2. Sophie Alexander

    Ulzeraide is a fantastic product for supporting gut health, preventing ulcers, and providing a toxin binder. I find it really great for my horses as we are constantly on the road during the season which takes a toll on their gut. This is a great product for ensuring your horse is happy inside and out

  3. K Parrish

    Another fantastic product. Used on a few different horses that have been touchy and irritable and a little nippy. No more girthiness and irritable brushing, bitting has stopped, its really helped the gut, recommended product.

  4. Lucie Bushell (verified owner)

    Ulzeraid plus has completely changed my stressed aggressive gelding, he is so calm, and happy, I am thrilled to have found your supplements, I am recommending this supplement to all my friends and on the ulcer support Facebook pages 💜💜

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