Pazture Guarde – Pasture and Muscle Support, Encouraging a Calm Focused Mind

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Pazture Guarde

During Spring and Autumn, it can be a Rollercoaster ride for some horse and pony owners. While limiting grass can be effective it does not always work. Supplementing with nutrients missing in the diet can make a huge difference to temperament and wellbeing.

If your horse shows any of the symptoms below, your horse would benefit from daily supplementation of Pazture Guarde:

  • Hates being touched or groomed.
  • Muscle pain, spasm, cramping, twitches, tremors and flinching
  • Grumpy during cover changes.
  • Spooky, when normally calm.
  • Over-reactive to stimuli, such as sound and movement.
  • Lacks concentration when ridden especially in Spring and Autumn.
  • Inconsistent behavior from one ride to the next.
  • Increased excitability or bucking.
  • Difficult to handle or ride when they are normal co-operative.
  • Fence walks or runs especially when the grass is growing.

Pazture Guarde is a quick acting daily supplement that will help restore a calm focus mind in no time.

Pazture Guarde helps protect the horse against magnesium and thiamine deficiency, (B1). Maintains a healthy pH which is important for soft, relaxed muscles.

It helps the grass affected horse cope with changes in the pasture by supplying a source of magnesium and other essential nutrients that are deficient.

For grass or feed related challenges, can be feed together with Ulzeraide Plus.

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Ingredients per 20gm scoop level: 

Magnesium Aspartate, Thiamine (B1), Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Ascorbate, (Vitamin C)  and Coconut Flour.

Pazture Guarde contains no artificial flavours. It smells like coconut and has a salty taste. Does not contain Selenium. All ingredients are top quality human grade.

What does Thiamine (Vitamin B1) do for horses?

Thiamine is needed for the efficient metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is also critical for the processing of lactic and pyruvic acids, which contribute to “tying up” and is especially important in competition horses that are often fed large amounts of grain to support athletic ability.

Vitamin B1 may be lacking due to:

  • Hard working horses
  • Horses on high grain diets
  • Horses suffering from hind gut acidosis
  • Horses suffering from stress

What causes a Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium tends to be deficient in Spring grasses due to the fast rate of growth and it can be lacking in the soil.

This is part of the reason why horse’s exhibit signs of Spring Flush (silly behaviour), as magnesium deficiency commonly results in behavioural problems in horses.

Why feed Magnesium to Horses?

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is a vital part of energy production, nerve and muscle function and regulation of heart rate.

Horses who are deficient show signs of nervousness, excitability, are jumpy, have tight sore backs which is not related to saddle fit or injury. They have muscle tremors and skin hypersensitivity.

A magnesium deficient horse is likely to have a poor tolerance to work, fatigue quickly and prone to tying up. They build up lactic acid more quickly which is why magnesium deficient horses sometimes have behaviour problems. They fatigue more quickly after work and don’t recover as well.

The Benefits of Feeding Sodium Bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate is good old baking soda. It is a combination of hydrogen, carbon and three oxygen atoms. Sodium bicarbonate plays a crucial role in maintaining the body’s acid-base balance, (pH) within safe limits, protects the intestines from stomach acid, and is vital in maintaining electrical balance in the horse’s body. The sodium bicarbonate in Pazture Guarde is not Encapsulation as per “EquiShure’.

The Benefits of Feeding Vitamin C, (Sodium Ascorbate).

Pazture Guarde contains sodium ascorbate which is a form of vitamin C that has sodium components that help lower its acidity levels. The sodium content helps vitamin C to be easily absorbed and stay longer in the body.

As a water-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin C can help keep the horse healthy in times of stress. As an antioxidant the vitamin works to fight against free radicals by neutralising them and therefore rendering them non-harmful. If antioxidants are unavailable free radicals can build up in the body leading to damage of cells and tissues.

Vitamin C also plays a role in the immune system of the horse. This vitamin helps to enhance how the immune system works by stimulating the formation of antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that are needed for fighting off invading pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Factors that Influence Vitamin C.

Healthy horses grazing on fresh forage should get sufficient Vitamin C through their diet. However, many horses do not have the opportunity to graze continuously and are involved in training programmes, which can be stressful to the immune system.

Factors that influence Vitamin C status in the horse can include stresses that happen on a regular basis such as stress of competition, transportation, and changes in environment. Surgical interventions such as castration and vaccination can reduce tissue levels of Vitamin C and the disease status of the horse such as infections, viruses, and parasitism.

Therefore, when it comes to supplementation, although horses can synthesise this vitamin within their body, in times of stress from training or performance, Vitamin C levels may be depleted, and supplementation is required to support immune function and to support healthy connective tissue.

Feeding Instructions

Recommended Daily Dose Rate for Horses and Ponies:

During Spring and Autumn and when the grass is growing, dose rates will be higher. Some horses and ponies require a higher dose rate than others.

Low Dose: 20gm per day, (1 scoop) mixed with feed.

Maintenance Dose: 40gm per day, (2 scoops) mixed with feed.

High Dose: 60gm per day, (3 scoops) mixed with feed.

Magnesium Aspartate, which is commonly referred to as an organic magnesium, biological uptake is much higher than other magnesium. It is also human grade and quick acting.

Feeding too much magnesium can make a horse spooky.

Nil withholding for FEI competitions.

Racing has a withholding time for Sodium Bicarbonate so check with your veterinarian. For racing and endurance Pazture Mag, is recommended in place of Pazture Guarde, 48 hours prior to events.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and keep always sealed.

Packaging: A stand up pouch or foil which is sealable and includes a clear scoop.

Sizes: 1.2kg and 2.4kg.


Rachael Roberts – Kerikeri – February 2016

I was having behavioural issues with my horse both on the ground and whilst riding, to the point I was scared. Not really what an adult returning to riding wants. I started feeding Ulzeraide and Pazture Guarde and within a week, he was a different horse. So much calmer, less spooky and overall, a much more relaxed horse to be around. He seemed so much happier in himself too. I have only ever run out of these products once and I learnt the hard way……yup he was back to his unsettled and spooky ways. Such amazing products.  I keep him on these products all year round, and make sure I don’t run out!! Thank you, Rachel, for such amazing products, which makes for much more enjoyable horse time.

Hana Bognuda – Wanganui – November 2015

Hey Rachel, the new products are amazing! I can’t believe how much calmer all the horses are, it’s insane! Pazture Guarde and Ulzeraide are working wonders,  even Dee can be out on the fresh grass and doesn’t bat an eye lid at everything! Here’s a photo of Dee in his first 1.15m on the weekend. I saw the wrong stride coming off the corner and had an uh oh moment but he’s so much more focused now since starting the new products. He took over and we made it over with out any problems!


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