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Pazture Mag is a daily nutritional supplement that provides a source of magnesium and thiamine (B1), that is deficient in the pasture. When a horse is not receiving enough magnesium and thiamine from their diet, they can become spooky, grumpy and muscle sore. Pazture Mag is perfect to feed in times of grass growth.

Power Star Nutrition uses magnesium aspartate which is commonly referred to as organic magnesium, and its biological uptake is much higher than other magnesium supplements. It is also human grade.

Vitamin (B1) plays a crucial role in the proper transmission of nerve impulses, allowing horses to feel more focused and at ease.

If your horse or pony shows any of the symptoms below, they would benefit from daily supplementation of Pazture Mag:
  • Hates being touched or groomed.
  • Muscle pain, spasm, cramping, twitches, tremors and flinching.
  • Grumpy during cover changes.
  • Spooky, when normally calm.
  • Over-reactive to stimuli, such as sound and movement.
  • Lacks concentration when ridden especially in Spring and Autumn.
  • Inconsistent behaviour from one ride to the next.
  • Increased excitability or bucking.
  • Difficult to handle or ride when they are normal co-operative.

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Ingredients per 4gm level scoop:

Magnesium Aspartate, 2300mg
Thiamine (B1), 700mg

All ingredients are top quality human grade.

What does Thiamine, (Vitamin B1) do for horses?

Thiamine is needed for the efficient metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is also critical for the processing of lactic and pyruvic acids, which contribute to “tying up” and is especially important in competition horses that are often fed large amounts of grain to support athletic ability.

Vitamin B1 may be lacking due to:

  • Hard Working Horses
  • Horses on high grain diets
  • Horses suffering from hind gut acidosis
  • Horses suffering from stress

For horses that need extra support from eating green grass and fluctuating weather conditions, Pazture Guarde  is a more heavy duty supplement fed daily.

Pazture Mag and Pazture Guarde can be fed in conjunction with Ulzeraide Plus for grass and feed challenges.

Why feed Magnesium to Horses?

Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function. Horses who are deficient show signs of nervousness, excitability, are jumpy, have tight sore backs which is not related to saddle fit. They have muscle tremors and skin hypersensitivity.

A magnesium deficient horse is likely to have a poor tolerance to work, fatigue quickly and prone to tying up. They build up lactic acid more quickly which is why magnesium deficient horses sometimes have behavior problems. They fatigue more quickly after work and don’t recover as well.

When a horse gets excited, its body uses magnesium to calm down and relax. The lower the magnesium level, the lower the threshold for new stress. Magnesium deficient horses can start out calm during exercise. As the session progresses, they become spookier and more stressed.

What Causes Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium tends to be deficient in Spring grasses due to the fast rate of growth.

This is part of the reason why horse’s exhibit signs of Spring Flush (silly behavior), as magnesium deficiency commonly results in behavioral problems in horses.

Feeding Instructions

Recommended dose rate for Horses and Ponies

Loading dose:  8gm per day, (2 level scoops) for 7 days.

Maintenance: 4gm per day, (1 level scoop). If the horse or pony performs better on 2 scoops per day, continue at that dose rate especially in spring and autumn when the grass is growing.

For racing and endurance Pazture Mag, is recommended in place of Pazture Guarde, 48 hours prior to events. Pazture Mag contains no prohibited substances for racing, endurance, showing and FEI competitions.

Packaging: The stand-up pouch is sealable and comes with a blue scoop.

Sizes: 250gm, 500gm and 1kg.


Alice Yvonne Cochran – Auckland – March 2020

My 15-year-old mare Jazz has been using Power Star Nutrition supplements for 4 years now. In 2016 I contacted Rachel for nutritional advice and started Jazz on Pazture Mag and Ulzeraide. It literally worked on her within 3 days of feeding. Her temperament changed dramatically and was a pleasure to ride. She went from spooking at her shadow to relaxed and rideable.

I then added ‘Ease Up’ for her joints as she was always a bit stiff starting out on a ride. This too has had an amazing effect on her. She feels so much softer through her body! And is much happier in her work. Yay!

I also started my mare Jay on the supplements. Jay’s coat is amazing! She won best Rheinland Mare last week on the Hanoverian tour! The judges were all very impressed with her shining coat and dapples.
The girls have been so happy and relaxed the past month.


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