White Willow Bark Pure Powder, (Salix Alba)



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High strength White Willow Bark Powder is NOW available.

This is a magic herb and the feedback from customers trialing this and hoof trimmers is amazing. It really helps assist with mobility problems in older horses and ponies especially during trimming and shoeing. It helps support joints, and the musculoskeletal system in horses and ponies with painful issues.

White Willow bark contains Salicylic Acid, which helps reduce inflammation and relieves pain. It’s good for arthritis and reducing fevers in horses.

Due to their chemical similarity, one could assume that willow bark’s efficacy is the same as that of aspirin. Unlike aspirin, however, willow bark has no blood-thinning effects and is not detrimental to the stomach lining. It can therefore also be also given to dogs who experience severe side effects from aspirin, such as gastrointestinal bleeding from gastric mucosal damage.

This is safe for long term use.

According to FEI regulations, White Willow bark should be discontinued well in advance before competition.



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White Willow Bark Pure Powder, (Salix Alba)

Feeding Instructions

Recommended Dose Rate for Horses and Ponies

Scoop Size: 15 grams

Low Dose: 1/2 scoop per day, (7.5grams).

Maintenance Dose: 1 scoops per day, (15grams).

High Dose: 2 scoops per day, (30grams).

Withholding for FEI competitions.

Packaging:  An easy to seal stand up pouch with a  plastic scoop.

Store in a cool place and seal always.

Size: 500gm and 1kg


Anna McKee – April 2022 – Auckland

About 9 months ago my retired horse Tom, a 20 year old warmblood TB started to really struggle to keep his feet up while being trimmed. Tom had become increasingly stiff but had always been OK to trim. He could no longer get his legs forward to keep his hoof on the hoof stand. He became reluctant to even lift his foot off the ground. My trimmer had to get very creative to get the job done which became increasingly difficult for her and Tom. I tried giving him a high dose of Bute before trimming but it made no difference. Walking him for 15 minutes prior to his trim helped a little bit but not enough to show any real improvement.
In early February I was given a sample of Power Star Nutrition White Willow. 3 days prior to his trim I started giving it to Tom, gradually increasing the dose to the maximum the night before and the morning of trimming.  The improvement was dramatic. Tom was able to put his foot up on the stand and keep it there. His trim was straight forward and done with ease. My Trimmers were thrilled and relieved. I decided to wait for 2 more trims to be done just to be sure that it was the White Willow that was making the difference. The next trim went really well.
At the time of his third trim I was really busy caring for some feral kittens and as I was so distracted I forgot to start the White Willow 3 days before the trim. For that trim Tom only got the high dose the night before and the morning of the trim and once again it worked its magic and he was comfortable being trimmed.
This has made such a difference and I am so happy that Tom is comfortable and my trimmer is safe doing her job.

I would recommend this product very highly to anyone whose horse is struggling with joint issues or pain.


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