Essentials Formula 1 With Selenium – Equine Vitamins, Minerals, and Hoof Supplement

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Essentials Formula 1 with Selenium

This is a super vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and hoof supplement all rolled into one, Made in NZ.

It encourages a shiny coat, healthy hooves and topline. It is specifically formulated for NZ conditions. It provides essential nutrients lacking in many feed crops, pasture, and soil.

It has No added Iron which makes it the perfect supplement for horses and ponies grazing on NZ pasture and drinking bore water with a high iron content. Essentials Formula 1 is one of the best copper and zinc supplements for horses on the market.

It is designed for horses and ponies not receiving premix feeds. It can also be fed in situations when a very small amount of premix feed is fed, and daily recommended vitamin and mineral requirements are not being meet.

The level of selenium will generally keep the average horse or pony at current selenium levels unless the soil is fertilized with selenium prills or the pasture is high in selenium. Getting your horse blood tested for selenium yearly is highly recommended.

Essentials Formula 1, Selenium Free is recommended when:

  • Your horse or pony receives a blood test showing high Selenium levels, but still requires a vitamin and mineral supplement to maintain health with No selenium added.
  • Is being supplemented with Selenium from your veterinarian or other supplements.
  • Grazing on a property that has high levels of selenium in the soil and pasture.


The Importance of Zinc, Copper, and an Iron Free Formulation

New Zealand’s pasture, hay and feed crops have high iron levels which can reduce the availability of zinc and copper. The most common mineral imbalance found in hay is too much iron combined with low zinc and copper levels. A high iron concentration can interfere with both zinc and copper absorption, making already low levels of these minerals even less available to your horse.

Until recently, the veterinary industry has viewed iron toxicity in equines mainly as an acute condition—the result of overdosing on iron-containing supplements. However, researchers have found that equines exposed to high iron levels in water, grass, or hay over a prolonged period can accumulate the mineral in their livers, resulting in chronic iron overload.

Black skinned horses which include greys need more copper and zinc than others. Bays and chestnuts will look washed out with lighter coloured than normal coats, and the blacks will have a definite reddish look.

Horses need copper in their diets to properly utilize iron and to develop healthy connective tissue. It is also important for horses with allergies. It can lower the concentration of histamine in the body. Copper also helps to keep the central nervous system running correctly.

In adult horses a deficiency of copper and zinc in the diet may cause limb deformities, thinning of the bones, swelling of the joints, blood vessel weakness, connective tissue weakness, saggy skin, and a lowered immune system.  Copper is the main mineral for the body to produce T cells. It is also important for bone integrity, heart health, skin pigmentation and to prevent premature graying.

Horse’s showing signs of low Iron levels can be supplemented according to veterinary instructions. When copper deficiency occurs, iron levels fall too short, and anemia can develop.

It does not contain Magnesium. Magnesium requirements are individual and a separate magnesium product like Pazture Guarde or Pazture Mag can be added separately.

Contains Zeolite which is a highly bioavailable natural form of Silica that supports bone and connective tissue health. Performance horses and senior horses may especially benefit from Zeolite.

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Ingredients per 45gm, (2 level scoops)

Amino Acids: L-Lysine 2.5gm, L-Methionine 1.5gm, L-Threonine 750mg.

Vitamins: Biotin 20mg, Folic Acid 40mg, Vit B1 100mg, Vit B12 100mg, Vit C 200mg.

Minerals: Calcium 5.2gm, Phosphorus 3.3gm, Copper (Organic) 200mg, Zinc, (Organic) 600mg, Manganese (Organic) 180mg, Chromium (Organic) 5mg.

Trace Minerals: Zeolite 16gm.

Alkosel® selenium yeast is 0.65mg per 45gm

Contains no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives. Does not contain vanilla, apple, or cherry flavours. This is very palatable.

Feeding Instructions

Recommended Daily Dose Rate:

Horses 450-650kg: 45gm, (2 scoops) per day mixed with feed.
Ponies 150-449kg: 22.5gm, (1 scoop) per day mixed with feed.
Foals and Yearlings: 22.5gm, (1 scoop) per day mixed with feed.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight with a bag always sealed.

Contains no prohibited substances for racing, endurance, showing and FEI competitions.

No artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives. Very palatable. Does not contain apple, cherry, or vanilla flavours.

Packaging: The stand-up pouch and foil is sealable and comes with a clear plastic scoop.

Sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 6kg, 12kg


Hana Bognuda – Wanganui – July 2016

Dee’s hooves have been really bad lately, with cracks and he also has a skin condition. Rachel advised him to start on the Essentials Formula 1.

His feet have improved heaps, in a short time – no more big cracks and they are not so brittle. It also helped with his skin on his back legs. He had a mud rash all year round and nothing worked for it, but this seems to be getting rid of it!

Elise Lett – Rotorua – February 18

This is a client of mine, Billy is a TB and had huge bacterial/fungal infections in his offside forefoot. We started him on the Essentials Formula 1, vitamins, and minerals. We treated the infection with hydrogen peroxide and copper sulphate crystals. Within 10 weeks it was mostly grown out and his hoof horn quality had improved immensely!

Billy has made massive changes in the health of his hooves since starting on the Essentials Formula 1, five months ago. Thanks for such a great product. Billy’s owner has also been more proactive in his hoof care. The right minerals can make a huge difference in hoof health, combined with good trimming and an owner proactive in hoof hygiene.

Kylie Parrish – Auckland- August 16

Essentials is a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and hoof supplement. Specially formulated for New Zealand’s environment. It provides essential nutrients lacking in many feed crops, pasture, and soil. Encourages a shiny coat, healthy hooves and topline. Essentials Formula 1 is amazing. Over the last few winters, my poor pony Holly, was extremely prone to rain scald and mud fever. The rain scald was raw and covered in blood. It was itchy and extremely sore to touch.

We had our hoof trimmer out today and we realised that Holly has NO mud fever or rain scald this winter even though it is wetter than normal in Auckland. Both Mork and Mika do have mud fever on their white socks, the only difference is that Holly gets Essentials, and the other two don’t. They have been grazing at the same place, same mud, same cover, same hay, same hard feed, same supplements, except for Essentials.
The Quick Hair helped the hair grow back, without any white hairs or scaring. The Essentials has helped this from happening this winter. It provides the essential nutrients missing in the soil, especially during the months of July and August when it is wet and muddy. Zinc and Copper levels become very low and levels in some feeds and supplements don’t meet the nutritional requirements for the horse.


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