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MSM for Horses - Supporting Healthy Joints and Muscles

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MSM For Horses

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is well-known for its antioxidant and other properties which support healthy joints, skin and coat, hooves, the respiratory tract, and other tissues in horses. It provides a highly usable form of sulfur which plays a critical role the formation of proteins such as enzymes, hormones, and immune cells, as well as connective tissue such as bones, tendons, and ligaments.

It also helps to promote an active lifestyle, helping older horses to stay comfortable and mobile. It helps horses and ponies move more freely and recover from injuries more quickly.

It also has benefits for equines with poor hoof condition, as well as performance horses thanks to its ability to minimise oxidative damage and inflammation, boosting muscle recovery time.

Although naturally occurring in foods such as lucerne and whole grains, the amount of MSM from the horse's diet is unlikely to be a significant contributor compared to supplementing with the pure ingredient. 

MSM Supplement

Ingredients per 20gm level scoop:

MSM,(Methylsulfonylmethane) - 19gm
Vitamin C, (Sodium Ascorbate) - 1gm

Feeding Instructions:

Dosage: Horses 400-650kg - 20gm per day mixed with feed.

Dosage: Ponies 100-399kg - 10gm per day mixed with feed.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and keep sealed at all times.

MSM is 100% natural and safe for consistent, long-term use with no reported side effects.

Withholding period for race horses as it contains MSM. Please consult your veterinarian for this information. Nil withholding for FEI and NZEF rules.

Methylsulfonylmethane, known as MSM, is a powerful supplement that supports many bodily functions. Humans and animals need the right balance of MSM. At Power Star Nutrition, we provide MSM for horses blended with vitamin C.

One of the safest supplements for horses, MSM contains antioxidant properties that keep your horse’s skin, joints, muscles, coat, tissues, and respiratory tract healthy. This kind of sulphur is safe to consume, facilitating proteins such as enzymes, hormones, and immune cells to form. These proteins support the formation of connective tissue, like bones, tendons, and ligaments.

When these foundational components are secure and well, your horse can live a mobile, active, and comfortable lifestyle.

MSM is a natural type of sulphur that forms in animals and plants. It is safe to consume, promoting the wellbeing of aging and heavily-exercised horses.

At Power Star Nutrition, we provide vitamins and minerals to keep our beloved animal companions well. Supported by vitamin C, our MSM supplement is ideal for keeping your horse happy and healthy. Read on to learn more about how your horse can benefit from this supplement.

A natural equine vitamin and mineral supplement

MSM for horses is mainly used to aid arthritis and hoof conditions. By preventing the deterioration of cartilage, this mineral slows down the effects of arthritis, keeping your horse from suffering joint pain and stiffness.

With its antioxidant properties, MSM allows your horse to recover faster after exercise. It keeps tissues healthy, particularly when they are at risk of stress from exercise or illness. Your horse will be more comfortable and perform better when active.

MSM increases circulation and lowers inflammation caused by exercise, which increases your horse’s muscle recovery. After exercising, your horse will experience less pain and discomfort, thanks to MSM’s analgesic effect.

Keratin, an essential structural component in hair, skin, and hooves, forms more easily in horses with the assistance of MSM. Your horse will have a healthier coat and hooves. Alternatively, if your horse is not shedding hair, check out our page on Chasteberry for Cushing in Horses.

MSM for horses will ease suffering from allergies since it helps with respiratory health.

Benefits of vitamin C for horses

Unlike humans, horses have an enzyme that can produce vitamin C, so they already possess a base level of this vitamin. However, if your horse is undertaking high levels of exercise, its levels of vitamin C likely get depleted. Your horse will need supplements to meet these demands.

Similar to MSM, vitamin C is excellent for your horse’s joint health. It has antioxidant properties, which neutralize and prevent damage from free radicals. Vitamin C also keeps your horse’s immune system working the way it needs to, fighting viruses, disease, and illness.

When your horse might need MSM

MSM is an excellent supplement, effectively promoting your horse’s overall health, especially in addressing joint issues. Below are some things to look out for which MSM for horses could resolve.


If you notice that your horse is stiff when walking or trotting, it might be suffering from arthritis. Look at its joints to spot swelling or inflammation. Not all joint swelling will signify arthritis, but it is likely to be the case if your horse is in pain when the joint is touched or bent.


Too much exercise can generate fatigue in horses. When their muscles get worn out, horses might lose coordination, motivation, and responsiveness. Your horse might feel hot to the touch if it is overtired.


Respiratory allergies can occur in horses as well as humans! Watch out for coughing, sneezing or wheezing that could be triggered by several causes such as pollen or dust.

Our MSM supplement at Power Star Nutrition will aid your horse’s wellbeing if it suffers from any of the above ailments. Get in touch with us today!

Healthy horses

The use of MSM for horses is one of the safest ways to enhance your horse’s wellbeing. You will notice the difference, too! Your horse will have a confident gait and more energy to exercise. Workouts will have more pay-off with faster muscle recovery, and your horse will feel more comfortable afterwards. A shinier coat and healthier hoof growth is another sign that MSM and vitamin C works for your horse.

The best part is, MSM is safe to use for consistent and long-term use. We recommend that you mix 20 grams of supplement into feed for horses 400-650 kilograms. If your pony is 100-399 kilograms, mix 10 grams into its feed. Contact your veterinarian for when and how to dose your racehorse with MSM.

At Power Star Nutrition, we love to see horses thriving happily and healthily. Buy our MSM and Vitamin C supplement today! Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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