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Chaste Tree Berry Powder - Hormonal and Cushing's Support

Chaste Tree Berry Powder - Hormonal and Cushing's Support

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Chaste Tree Berry Powder

Provides nutritional support for moody mares, aggressive horses, and Cushing’s disease. It is important to realise that Chaste Tree Berry will not cure Cushings, but it can assist with helping to improve the quality of life.

Whilst predominantly used for mares, this formula also works well for geldings that are still behaving like stallions and in over enthusiastic colts.

It helps support a healthy endocrine system and promotes healthy pituitary function.

Chaste Tree Berry Powder is milled to a very fine powder which enhances digestion, absorption, and potency. Chaste berry is an extract of the fruit and seeds of the chaste tree which is also called Vitex agnus-castus and its relative plants.

It has no known negative side effects and safe for long term use. Not recommended for pregnant mares.

Packaging: comes in an easy to seal refill bag with a plastic scoop.

Recommended dose rate: Scoop size is 5 grams.

Up to 350kg – One scoop twice daily

350kg – 550kg – Two scoops twice daily

550kg + Three scoops twice daily.

Store in a cool place and seal at all times.