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Chaste Berry Powder - Hormonal and Cushing's Support

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Chaste Tree Berry Powder

Provides nutritional support for moody mares, aggressive horses, and Cushing’s disease. It is important to realise that Chaste Tree Berry will not cure Cushings, but it can assist with helping to improve the quality of life.

Whilst predominantly used for mares, this formula also works well for geldings that are still behaving like stallions and in over enthusiastic colts.

It helps support a healthy endocrine system and promotes healthy pituitary function.

Chaste Berry Powder is milled to a very fine powder which enhances digestion, absorption, and potency. Chaste berry is an extract of the fruit and seeds of the chaste tree which is also called Vitex Angus.

It has no known negative side effects and safe for long term use. Not recommended for pregnant mares.

Packaging: comes in an easy to seal refill bag with a blue plastic scoop.

Recommended dose rate: Scoop size is 3 grams.

Up to 350kg – One scoop twice daily, (or Two scoops once a day)

350kg – 550kg – Two scoops twice daily, (or Four scoops, once a day)

550kg + Three scoops twice daily, (or Six scoops, once a day)

This can be feed once or twice a day depending on feeding arrangements.

Store in a cool place and seal at all times.

Testimonial for Merlin - Samantha Parrish - Auckland - December 2020

Chaste Berry has worked fantastically on my Shetland Pony. He is 10hh and 12 years old. He was very angry and aggressive to the point that not only children but adults as well were afraid of him and wouldn't go in the paddock with him. He was taken off grass, given toxin binders, had training, and got treatment for any issues that may have been causing him pain, however none of which seemed to help improve his behavior. 

I had heard about Chaste Berry helping hormones and behavioral issues so I thought why not give it a go seen as I hadn't found anything else to help. Because he was so bad we started him on two scoops instead of one, when we started noticing a difference in him we lowered it to one scoop as recommended. 
This Chaste Berry has been perhaps the best thing I've ever bought, as cliche as it is, it has been a miracle for us. 
My pony has been on it for just over a month now and he is now as sweet as a lamb and such a darling to be around and handle.  My niece (3yrs old and of course supervised) is now able to handle and brush him, she even rides him around the paddocks no problems, not even his ears go back. 
I admit I was skeptical at first but this really works! 
Thank you so much Power Star Nutrition 
Update: 10 March 2021
Today we chucked Leyla on and he was AMAZING! She even had a little ride on him unassisted for the first time (I was leading him of course but no one was holding her) and he was so well behaved, I'm just so proud of him and grateful to you and for your Chaste Berry 😊 

Testimonial for Phoenix - Samantha Parrish - Auckland - March 2021

When my boy arrived he was very anxious, flighty, wary, and defensive. When it came to other people except his person (me) coming into the paddock near him he would flatten his ears and intimidate the person who would then get frightened and leave. 
He was gelded very late and freshly when I bought him so still had that stallion presence and behaviour about him. Granted I have done a lot of training with him since then but something was still needed as that extra help. 
As I was already giving Chaste Berry to my aggressive Shetland which worked wonders for him, I figured I would give it a go on him. 
Since he's been on Chaste Berry he has calmed right down on all fronts, he allows other people near him in the paddock without threatening them. He is completely calm in pretty much any situation, almost like a totally different horse. He is now comfortable with my 3 year old niece sitting on his back and doesn't bat an eye, whereas before just the sight of children would make him flatten his ears and run away if he was loose. 
Chaste Berry has many different reviews, some better than others, however I am very pleased with this product and very grateful for how it helps my horses. 



At Power Star Nutrition, we are committed to promoting the well-being of our equine friends. We provide nutritional supplements that help with a myriad of health issues that your horse might be facing. If your horse suffers from low mood or Cushing’s disease, try out our chasteberry for Cushing’s in horses.

Chasteberry originates from the chaste tree, native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. Both its fruits and leaves contain active ingredients that have a great impact on horses’ hormones. Milling the ingredients into a fine powder enhances their potency for digestion.

At Power Star Nutrition, we provide vitamins and minerals to keep our beloved animal companions well. Our Chaste Tree Berry Powder balances the nutrients in aggressive horses, moody mares, and equine Cushing’s disease. While it won’t cure Cushing’s, this supplement will provide significant improvement to your horse’s quality of life.

Why we use chasteberry for Cushing’s

Chasteberry offers a range of benefits that promote the health of your horse. It targets your horse’s pituitary gland and hypothalamus, both of which have a massive amount of influence on mood and homeostasis.

Cushing’s disease is a disorder located in the pituitary gland. You can spot this illness in your horse if it is struggling to lose weight or shed hair. A long, wavy coat is a common characteristic of a Cushingoid horse, as the disorder prevents cyclical shedding.

Cushingoid horses are more susceptible to infections, have an intense appetite, increase urination, and suffer from laminitis.

Read on to learn about the key ways chasteberry can help with equine Cushing’s disease.

Increases shedding

Chasteberry for Cushing’s in horses is a wonderful way to ease the suffering and symptoms because they help to stimulate shedding. Supporting your horse’s healthy coat will reduce sweating and increase heat tolerance and comfort.

Normalizes drinking behaviour

Cushingoid horses drink excessive amounts of water, which increases their urination. Chasteberry will improve your horse’s glucose tolerance and strengthen glucose metabolism, balancing drinking behaviour and lessening the amount of urination.

Improves and supports hoof health

Another symptom of Cushing’s that chasteberry eases is laminitis, a disorder where damage to the soft tissue that connects the pedal bone to the inside of the hoof wall can cripple your horse’s feet. It is also extremely painful for your horse.

The reason for the link between Cushing’s and laminitis remains unclear to scientists. Some think that glucose imbalances could be a cause of laminitis. Because chasteberry improves glucose tolerance, it supports hoof health, decreases inflammation, and lowers signs of pain from laminitis.

Normalizes fat distribution

Cushingoid horses struggle with maintaining good gut health​ alongside excessive weight gain due to adopting a ravenous appetite. The fat can get distributed in abnormal deposits around the horse’s neck, tail, or mammary regions. Chasteberry, because it improves insulin sensitivity, mitigates these symptoms.

Chasteberry and horse mood

Low mood, anxiety, aggression, and lethargy, are all mood-related symptoms of Cushing’s. Chasteberry can aid horses who suffer from these mental health issues regardless of whether they suffer from the disease or not.

Cortisol is a stress hormone secreted in the adrenal gland, which relies on a well-functioning pituitary gland and hypothalamus to function properly. Overproduction of cortisol makes your horse very stressed and fatigued.

While mostly used for mares, chasteberry can be beneficial for geldings who still act like stallions, and colts with too much enthusiasm. If your horse is frequently pulling its ears back, swishing its tail, pawing, and retracting its lips, it is showing signs of aggression, which comes from stress.

With the help of chasteberry’s influence on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, cortisol gets produced in your horse the way it should. This will lower your horse’s levels of anxiety, improve its mood, and give it more energy.

Happy Horse, Happy Life

Chasteberry for Cushing’s in horses is a great way to deal with many uncomfortable symptoms and stressors that your horse may be experiencing. With this supplement, your horse can enjoy the physical benefits of a healthier coat, strong hooves, and maintaining a healthy weight.

You will also see significant improvements in your horse’s eating and drinking habits. Normalizing urination will not only be more comfortable for the horse but create far less hassle and mess for you to deal with!

The best benefit of chasteberry is its effect on your horse’s mental well-being. When it suffers from less pain, discomfort, stress, and fatigue, you will really see the difference in your horse’s behaviour. A calm and comfortable horse will be easier to take care of and form a lifelong bond with.

Chasteberry is a natural supplement that is safe for long term use, although it is not recommended for pregnant mares.

At Power Star Nutrition, we love to see horses thriving happily and healthily. Buy our chasteberry supplement today! Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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