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Alice Yvonne Cochran - Auckland - March 2020

My 15 year old mare Jazz has been using Power Star Nutrition supplements for 4 years now. In 2016 I contacted Rachel for nutritional advice and started Jazz on Pazture Mag and Ulzeraide. It literally worked on her within 3 days of feeding. Her temperament changed dramatically and was a pleasure to ride. She went from spooking at her shadow to relaxed and rideable.
I then added ‘Ease Up’ for her joints as she was always a bit stiff starting out on a ride. This too has had an amazing effect on her. She feels so much softer through her body! And is much happier in her work. Yay! 🦄🙌🏻
I also started my mare Jay on the supplements. Jay's coat is amazing! She won best Rheinland Mare last week on the Hanoverian tour! The judges were all very impressed with her shining coat and dapples.
The girls have been so happy and relaxed the past month.

Kim Lowry - Waitara - February 2020

I highly recommend using Essentials Formula 2. The hair growth is amazing and hooves have improved immensely! Their coats are now shiny and healthy.

It is by far the best, I’ve been using for two years now and the horses look great!

Here is my main mare.... her mane is mostly left handed and is down to her shoulder! She is barefoot and a hardy machine. I’ve owned her for 14 years... Love this product.


Beth Lamb – Whangarei February 2020

Just have to say ..... holy hell I made a financial tough decision to change our older pony from 4cyte and try him on your Eaze Up.... OMG I wish I had done this sooner!!!!! At this rate he won’t need Pentosan injections either. He is pumping around the paddock like a 2year old not 19. THANK YOU for making such amazing products. He started on the Eaze Up at the end of January. 

Bex Nash -  Auckland- February 2020
I am a firm believer of keeping it simple when it comes to my horses diet.

I searched high and low for a quality supplement with higher levels of zinc and copper for my standardbred that was prone to pastern dermatitis in his white sock almost year round.

When I came across Power Star Nutrition Essentials Formula 1 with selenium in June 2019, I decided to give it a go.

Haven't looked back since and amazingly so far no more white sock issues!

I recently brought a neglected gelding at the end of October 2019 and got him on the supplement straight away, the difference in such a short space of time was amazing.

He looks like a completely different horse now! He still has a way to go but you can see in the short space of time how amazing he's looking...



Elise Lett - Rotorua - February 18

This is a client of mine, Billy is a TB and had huge bacterial/fungal infections in his off side fore foot, we started him on the Essentials Formula 1, vitamins and minerals. We treated the infection with hydrogen peroxide and copper sulphate crystals. Within 10 weeks it was mostly grown out and his hoof horn quality had improved immensely!

Billy has made massive changes in the health of his hooves since starting on the Essentials Formula 1, five months ago. Thanks for such a great product. Billy’s owner has also been more proactive in his hoof care. The right minerals can make a huge difference in hoof health, combined with good trimming and an owner proactive in hoof hygiene.


Kylie Parrish - Auckland- August 16

Essentials Formula 1 is amazing. Over the last few winters, my poor pony Holly, was extremely prone to rain scald and mud fever. The rain scald was raw and covered in blood. It was itchy and extremely sore to touch. We had our hoof trimmer out today and we realised that Holly has NO mud fever or rain scald this winter even though it is wetter than normal in Auckland. Both Mork and Mika do have mud fever on their white socks, the only difference is that Holly gets Essentials, and the other two don't. They have been grazing at same place, same mud, same cover, same hay, same hard feed, same supplements, except for Essentials.
The Quick Hair helped the hair go back, without any white hairs or scaring. The Essentials has helped this from happening this winter. It provides the essentials nutrients missing in the soil, especially during the months of July and August when it is wet and muddy. Zinc and Copper levels become very low and levels in some feeds and supplements don’t meet the nutritional requirements for the horse.


Becky Watson - Auckland - July 2016
Luca has always been a horse who struggles in winter, and is a typical thoroughbred. He is stressy, has separation anxiety, and can't stand still when tied up. His weight was dropping quite substantially a couple of weeks before my investigation into supplements that would help, despite increasing his feed. I contacted Rachel 5 weeks ago after hearing recommendations about her product Ulzeraide. Upon more research and a chat to Rachel, it seemed to me a better alternative to one of the popular product on the market. Ulzeraide is affordable to feed so I started feeding him. I did not change his feed during the five weeks however he was in light work for the first two weeks but then had three weeks off while I was overseas. He was on a scoop of Ulzeraide every second day, (this is below recommended daily dose) and a teaspoon of Pazture Mag. He gets a sweet feed type mix with Lucerne chaff and a scoop of equilibrium.

I returned from my holiday after 5 weeks of Luca being on the products. He was looking a lot better condition wise and more importantly happier and stress free. He stood for the first time ever calmly!! He seemed a lot more relaxed in the eye and the face. We went for a hack up the road with his mates, and he was such a gentlemen, not putting a foot wrong or spooking at anything. He was not titchy or uptight, it was like he was a different horse!! This was, after three weeks off, and I was expecting a rocket. Especially as this horse generally needs a lunge before a ride with even just a week off!! I highly recommend Ulzeraide to anybody who is struggling with similar symptoms to me - I've never been one to go crazy with the supplements, but I'm sold on Ulzeraide.


Hana Bognuda - Wanganui - July 2016

Dee's hooves have been really bad lately, with cracks and he also has a skin condition. Rachel advised to start him on the Essentials Formula 1. 

His feet have improved heaps, in a short time - no more big cracks and they are not so brittle. It’s also helped with his skin on his back legs. He had a mud rash all year round and nothing worked for it but this seems to be getting rid of it!


Bailey McIntosh - South Island - May 2016

HI Rachel,Thank you for making Ulzeraide, I have a totally different horse now. He no longer wind sucks or leaves his dinner, he’s packed on the weight and no longer gets bloated! This is the longest he has gone without getting ulcery again. He was on and off Omeprazole regularly and I have pretty much worked my way through all the ulcer supplements on the market and nothing really worked and spent hundreds. I was so frustrated; actually it was cheaper to have him on Omeprazole than buy supplements that did not work. I was really struggling to put muscle back on, especially through his back.

This is the first time in ever he has stopped wind sucking after dinner.


Tracey, Sarah and Suzy Bolton - New Plymouth - April 2016

Hey Rachel, Just writing to say a massive thank you for you and your amazing products! We have been using your products for awhile now... Starting back when I found out my horse was seriously grass effected, he was effected so bad that he had to spend a year off grass.

Since using your products he has become a different horse and now is able to to live on grass 24/7 without having to have any vet visits.... Each day gets better and better for both his paddock life and his ridden life....At the Egmont A&P show in Nov, he won Champion novice and Champion open! We have also been using your amazing joint formula, Eaze Up for my sisters pony. He is now 21 and still moves as though he is in his prime. Nothing is stopping him and they have been the winning combination for the pony club eventing season  ending with the sash around his neck for another year. We can't thank you enough for you incredible products and amazing service... If I forget to tell mum that we are running out, she quickly orders some more and it's generally here by the next day!

We have recommended your products to many others as we truly believe they are the answer to many problems! 

Anaya Buys - Auckland - February 2016

I began using Rachel's products about 2 years ago after asking her for assistance with my TB Gelding Nemo, after we had reached a point that he was so aggressive both on the ground and in the saddle that I was losing my confidence to ride him or go anywhere near him. After trying to give him his feed the one morning, he turned and double barrelled me and I flung the feed bucket out to protect myself while leaping out of the way.  He had never acted like this before and I had him already on a toxin binder that I had purchased from a local retail outlet, but it seemed that it just wasn't working.  In desperation I contacted Rachel and she put me onto her products, now called Pazture Guarde and Ulzeraide, within 3 days I already noticed the difference.


As Nemo also had hip and back problems for which he was receiving treatment every three weeks for, I decided to try Rachel's Eaze Up, the results were amazing. I was able to cut my treatments down drastically and now only need them done about every 6 - 8 weeks when necessary. 

I'm also using Essentials Formula 1 for Nemo, as we went through a period where he was so "flat" and had little to no energy. I called the vet out and we drew bloods and tested for all minerals etc. His Iron was slightly low, as was his Zinc. Rachel asked if I wanted to try her Essentials. I've never looked back... Nemo is looking amazing, his tail which was always a little flimsy is looking thick and lovely, his hooves have become strong and healthy. Whenever I run out of Essentials and Nemo misses a few days, he suddenly develops lameness in his front right. This goes away immediately after I start using Essentials again.  Rachel and I are still at a loss for what this might be and how the Essentials is working for Nemo, all we know is that when he doesn't have it, then he becomes lame.

I've never looked back, since discovering Rachel's products and will continue to use them as I have a very happy horse both on the ground and in the saddle, which after 3 years of struggling is a welcome relief!  Thanks Rachel!

Alannah Beuth and Astek Glentui – Sponsored Rider - February 2016

Power Star Nutrition is simply the best. ALL our horses are fit/ healthy but most importantly happy and supple in their mind and bodies. From Young to Old, Power Star Nutrition has something for all of them, including general healthy. We have very thick/ sweet grass all year round and with the added stress of high performance, it is important for my competition horse to be comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to the Power Star Nutrition range we can achieve this. 

I can guarantee you that you will love these product. So, go ahead and give them a try, you too can be amazed at the results and truly enjoy riding you horses, no matter what the season.

Kirsty Schist - Sponsored Rider - February 2016

Since using Power Star Nutrition products the difference in my horses has been very noticeable. 

The Pazture Mag has meant that even with the extra grass growth we have been having lately, the horses have remained really calm. I have one which was previously almost unrideable at times due to grass problems (even when on other products which was meant to help with this!).
The Eaze Up has made a huge difference to freedom in their movement and they feel much softer over their back! The horses are all in the best condition they have been in since being fed Ulzeraide, and they are so happy and free in their work.

P Kenny - Auckland- February 2016

Since introducing Eaze Up to my 26 year old warmbloods feed a few months ago, I am thrilled with the improvements. He is no longer lame and his stiffness has decreased. He is happily walking and trotting around the paddock. I am impressed because he was at the point of going to horsey heaven because he was sore and depressed. 

Jenny-Lee Jorgensen - Auckland - February 2016

I wouldn’t be without the Power Star Nutrition products my horse is prone to staggers and since I have been on Rachel’s products I have not had a problem. I highly recommend these products 100%.


Lisa Sailsbury - Taranaki - February 2016

I just wanted to drop a few words on my sample of Pazture Mag. This stuff rocks, I have started my two on it 2 weeks ago and it has settled them heaps. We have no head flick and they are really settled with whatever grass I give them. I would highly recommend it to anyone to give it a go. Out of all the powders I have tried George eats this up he even licks the feed bowl. Hahahaha love my boys. So thanks Power Star Nutrition this stuff rocks.

Ruth Kennett - Auckland - February 2016

I have been using two of Power Star Nutrition products for a while now. The first one is Eaze Up. My horse is a big horse and would get quite stiff in this shoulders and neck, especially on the hard ground. Since using Eaze Up he is moving so much better and is no longer stiff. Fabulous product. The second is the Pazture Guarde. I have tried many magnesium based products in the past and have found this by far the best. My horse remains level headed and calm - no spookiness and grass issues any longer. Looking forward to trying the new Essentials! Highly recommend these products and Rachel is wonderful to deal with.


Rachael Roberts - Kerikeri - February 2016

I was having behavioural issues with my horse both on the ground and whilst riding, to the point I was scared. Not really what an adult returning to riding wants. I started feeding Ulzeraide and Pazture Guarde and within a week, he was a different horse. So much calmer, less spooky and overall a much more relaxed horse to be around. He seemed so much happier in himself too. I have only ever run out of these products once and I learnt the hard way......yup he was back to his unsettled and spooky ways. Such amazing products.  I keep him on these products all year round, and make sure I don't run out!! Thank you Rachel for such amazing products, which makes for much more enjoyable horse time.

Gail Rickard - Southbridge - January 2016

I won a sample pack of Ulzeraide to use on my Standardbred gelding.

Before using this product on Eddie, acted like a stereotypical TB (as in a hot headed, poor doer) not the nice and cruisey SB he is meant to be.
The simple task of walking over a pole could easily take over 10 minutes consisting of rearing, propping, backing up, shying  and on top of that he would be screaming his head off for his paddock mate and trying to bolt back to the gate.
The once pleasurable road ride became a nightmare; refusing to turn, rearing or bolting whenever a car went past and he would become extremely colty if we rode past a paddock where there were horses.
The only change I made in Eddies diet for two weeks was giving him Ulzeraide. During those two weeks he was not ridden. After two weeks I brought him in and tacked him up and took him to the riding paddock. He called out for his buddy once. I warmed him up on the ground and he was so soft to work! He happily trotted over poles and happily jumped everyone I put in front of him.
Happy with how he was working, I jumped on him. Eddie happily stood there while I hopped on. Previously he had a habit of trying to run off.

Now he happily opened his shoulders and he felt a lot better movement wise. In the trot we could trot a whole circle without any spooking and the first time in a long time I had a nice cruisey, stress free ride. 
Eddie is even holding his weight a lot better and doesn’t need two big feeds a day. He happily chills in his paddock and is no longer being a big bully to his paddock mate. He is a completely different horse.
I highly recommend this product!

Stephanie Cross- Auckland - January 2016

I have all three of my TB geldings on the Power Star Nutrition supplements. I use Ulzeraide, Pazture Guarde, Pazture Mag, Eaze Up and Essentials. The horses are all different ages, from 6yo to 15yo, and all have slightly different nutrition requirements to suit each of their needs. I find that the Power Star Nutrition supplements work wonderfully for each of them and I am easily able to tailor the amounts that each horse needs to suit them individually. It has a been a pleasure and very exciting to see the transformation of each horse from what they were when I got them to how they are now, and I know that a lot of the credit goes to the supplements they are given. Two of them I would call "fussy eaters" yet none have ever had a problem with the Power Star Nutrition supplements being introduced to their feeds. I have often started out with a small introductory dose for only a day or two and then gone straight up to the full dose without a problem. Having tried numerous other products to try to achieve the results I wanted, but never been quite happy, I am now thrilled with this range. It is very satisfactory that each product works harmoniously with the others, having been carefully developed by Rachel specifically to address issues for horses in NZ caused by our unique environmental conditions. I highly recommend the Power Star Nutrition range of supplements to anyone looking for great nutrition for their horse.

Amanda Buxton - Auckland - January 2016

Magic is a 22 year old tb, and I've had him since he was 7 years old. He's done a lot over the years, mainly eventing / horse trials. He's a sold big boned tb and started to show signs of wear and tear a few years ago. His back was sore, mainly the sacrum area and he's been on so many different joint supplements. Since Magic has been on Eaze up, he's a lot better and feels great, very youthful! Wouldn't be without it!

Corena Rhodes Gillespie - November 2015

Hannah really looks forward to eating her feed now, and is use to the taste. Not girthy anymore and calmer to handle when out. She can eat more grass in spring than she could before. Very happy with the product.

Hana Bognuda - Wanganui - November 2015

Power Star Nutrition Sponsored Rider - Ex Equine Royale Sponsored Rider.
Hey Rachel, the new products are amazing! I can't believe how much calmer all the horses are, it's insane! Even Dee can be out on the fresh grass and doesn't bat an eye lid at everything! Here's a photo of Dee in his first 1.15m on the weekend. I saw the wrong stride coming off the corner and had an uh oh moment but he's so much more focused now since starting the new products. He took over and we made it over with out any problems!

Louise Brooks - Coatesville - Auckland - November 2015

On moving to slightly richer pastures, our lovely quiet new pony started turning tricks of the very naughty kind. Limiting grass was only having a limited effect and was also causing him to become a “hangry” pony.  He was also hugely resistant to a grazing muzzle so we turned to Rachel for advice and in addition to her very helpful advice about a revised grazing / feeding regime which would keep pony happy and satisfied he was also put on Pazture Guarde and Ulzeraide. The combination was effective within around 4 days our pony went from unpredictable and out of character bucking to Mr Chillaxed kids pony. A terrific outcome in a very short space of time and a huge relief for a Mum! Thanks Rachel for such sound advice and an amazing product which we will never allow to run out! 

Dominique Visini - Auckland - November 2015

Absolutely thrilled with the new products and I'm certain the horses are too. I can see huge difference in both horses. They've both been on Ulzeraide for a while now and the improvement in Moses' coat, weight and eating is fantastic. Dan is also feeling awesome on the Ulzeraide and he can't go without his Eaze Up! Very happy with how he has made the step up to 1.30m and Young Rider.

Alison Higgins - Power Star Nutrition Sponsored Rider - November 2015

What can I say, these products are truly amazing. Thanks to Rachel and her support our horses have never looked or performed better. The results we are getting speak for themselves. I now have 3 horses in the Endurance High Performance Squad targeting towards representing New Zealand at WEG in Canada in 2018. We use Ulzeraide, Pasture Mag and Eaze up on a daily basis for our competition horses and there is no way I would leave home without these products.

We have also used Quick Hair on a yearling that injured himself and we thought his showing days were over before they had even started, but thanks to this product we have no scar. I reckon my husband should try this on himself as with age his forehead is getting more pronounced, not sure that I would be able to convince him to give it a try.

Twynham El Desiree is the one with the cover on she was ridden by a friend of mine Ashley Cole in the 120km FEI 2* event and won, Desiree has been named in the High Performance Squad tracking towards WEG 2018 in Canada. As you can see she is trying to get to the Ulzeraide. MF Bab Al Shams is the other one and I rode her in the same event, we got 2nd and the Best Conditioned award. I am also hoping to get her in the Squad for Canada. The products in the photos is the fuel they run on and I can't thank you enough for your support and your amazing products, they have made a huge difference to our results. We don't even have the mareish behavior that we have had in the past.