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Alpha Gold - Dietary Supplement for People, Ease of Movement

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Alpha Gold provides essential nutrients for accelerating recovery from injury and exercise. It helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Alpha Gold's ingredients: 

  1. Provides essential nutrients to help support the healing process.
  2. Provides a source of antioxidants. Contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, a novel antioxidant which is both water soluble and fat soluble, protecting the cell against oxidative stress.
  3. Provides a source of MSM which is an important building block of normal tissue. Helps people move more freely. It is a bioavailable form of sulphur for building and repairing cartilage. It also helps support a normal inflammatory response.


120 capsules Dietary Supplement for People

Each vegetarian capsule contains:

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) 500mg
Sodium Ascorbate  350mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid     50mg

Recommended Adult Dosage:

Directions: Start with 2 capsules a day with food and increase to 4 capsules a day if necessary. For best results divide between meals.

No added gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Testimonial -  Rachel Harford Owner Power Star Nutrition

I love this product that I designed and totally believe in. During 2013, I fractured my wrist and I started taking Alpha Gold to speed up the healing process. My wrist was out of the cast and healed in 3 1/2 weeks. I did not rest my arm, life still had to go on. At that time, I had severe lower back compression and hip problems along with shooting pains in my legs from an injury. Every week for 3 months I am receiving Osteo care, and Acupuncture.  Anti-inflammatory helped but made no impact on the shooting pains and mobility issues. I was finding it very difficult to function especially as I am an Equine Massage Therapist. Three weeks after taking the capsules I noticed a big change. I could get out of bed in the morning easier and shooting pains had reduced.

Over a period of 12 months, using the capsules, my life got back to normal. The shooting pains went away. My back ligaments and muscles got stronger, I could trim the horse’s feet again, and can lift 20 kg and my energy levels increased. The cripple was gone. If I take these capsules daily, I feel great. I no longer need to see the chiropractor or osteopath. My body now has the nutrients to heal itself.

Update - In August 2019 I ran out of Alpha Gold capsules for 3 weeks waiting for the new batch to arrive. I cannot believe how my energy levels decreased, how stiff my hips and back are again and my need for pain killers most days. So glad the new Batch arrived on Monday 9th September so I can start feeling great again.

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