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Sponsored Riders

Power Star Nutrition Sponsored riders are:

Sophie Alexander -  I am an event rider from Auckland. I have just completed my Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science and Psychology, I am incredibly passionate about mental skills in athletes and the discipline of eventing. I have been riding since I was a little girl, originally dabbling in dressage competitively on ponies before being introduced to and falling in love with eventing. I then got my first hack World Famous and produced him from being a dressage horse all the way to competing at 4* level in eventing. My journey with World Famous gave me a huge insight into producing horses and that is where I am today, I have a team of 3 young horses that I am currently bringing up the grades. I am incredibly grateful and proud to be apart of the Power Star Nutrition sponsored riders team, I have always taken great pride in the top-level care, wellbeing, nutrition, and performance of my horses and with the help of the incredible Power Star Nutrition products I am able to have my team performing at their best.

Alannah Beuth - Dressage and Showing.


Hana Bognuda - Showjumping