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Mega Dog Formula Testimonials

Melissa Koia - March 2016

HI Rachel, Just thought I would drop you an email about your Mega Dog Formula. I purchased some from you at Horse of the Year this year. I explained at the time that I had a Dogue De Bordeaux that was 10 months old & had an intermittent limp, the vets could find nothing wrong. I was concerned because he was so young & so big (50+kgs) already. So I started him on the Mega Dog Formula, it took less than 2 weeks & the limp was gone & he has not limped since!! WOW!! Also he has a very sensitive stomach, so I was also concerned it would upset his tummy, but no, he is fine with it!! So thank you sooooo much!! I think you have saved me loads of vet bills & also my wee Floki is sooooo happy!


Kiri Parrish - February 2016

Before Mega Dog Formula he had a real burnt colour to his coat. He had acne and eczema. He chewed his eczema raw and it was bleeding.
After Mega Dog Formula - approximately 8 weeks later -
Colour is more healthy and feels so much nicer. His skin problems have cleared up and he even eats much better. Before he would just pick at his food.
Being a lazy breed he just had no energy at all, but now he will happily play with the other dogs. His overall health has improved so much.


Kiri Parrish - Senka - September 2014

Mega Dog formula is a nutritional supplement that provides the essential nutrients missing in the dogs diet so they can feel better. It does not treat or cure.

About 6 weeks ago we got this little husky from the animal shelter. The condition she'd come to the shelter in was very poor. We started her on 3 small meals a day and put her on Mega Dog Formula.

Her coat has improved and is very soft and not falling out in dead clumps like it was before. Her energy levels have increased with her conditioning. She is enjoying life and her appetite is now good.