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"Your horse's unmanageable behavior may be due

to gut pain, gastric ulcers and grass related issues"

Power Star Nutriition has developed high quality nutritional supplements that are manufactured in New Zealand. They have been designed for New Zealand's weather conditions and soil type. 

If your horse experiences any of these symptoms, your horse could be deficient in nutrients that they are not receiving through their diet and they will benefit from Ulzeraide, Pazture Guarde, and Eaze Up.

  • Colicky, poor appetite, eating slowly, walking away from meals, not eating hay, weight loss and overall poor condition.

  • Noticeably depressed, tension in the jaw and face, spooky behaviour.

  • Showing signs of gut pain, pot belly.

  • Girthy, resistant to grooming and showing aggression.

  • Body soreness over the lumbar region and withers, soreness through flank and over last rib.

  • Poor athletic performance, kicking out, bucking, tail swishing, reluctant to move forward, tense when ridden, stiff neck and shoulders, and difficulty bending.