Kings Birthday Sale

“Ever wish your horse could tell you what’s wrong?

While they can’t speak, their behavior often signals discomfort. Learn how Power Star Nutrition supplements, can bring peace to your pasture.”

Thursday 30th May – Monday 3rd June 2024

No discount codes are needed.

Payment methods include: Bank deposit, Credit card, PayPal, Humm, Laybuy, and Afterpay.

Pazture Guarde

“Is the changing season turning your horse into a handful? Learn how Pazture Guarde can ease seasonal stressors and maintain consistent behavior, year-round.”

1.2kg Was $41.50 – NOW $36.50

2.4kg Was $75.00 – NOW $63.00

3×2.4kg Was $210.00 – NOW $189.00

Ulzeraide Plus

“Don’t let gastric ulcers disrupt your horse’s well-being. Learn how Ulzeraide Plus can protect against the unseen stressors of travel, competition, and more.
” Equine Gut Health, Mycotoxin Binder, and Probiotics

1.2kg Was $42.00 – NOW $36.00

2.4kg Was $80.00 – NOW $68.00

3×2.4kg Was $214.00 – NOW $204.00

Eaze Up

“Watch your horse bounce back faster! Eaze Up offers a blend of super antioxidants and essential nutrients designed to speed up recovery and support your horse’s joints and muscles.”

1.4kg Was – 72.50 – NOW 60.00

1.4kg x 2 – Was $135.00 – NOW $117.00

Mega Dog Formula

” Dog lovers, have you noticed your furry friend slowing down? Reinvigorate their playtime with our Joint Supplement, packed with powerful ingredients like Green-lipped mussel, Glucosamine, and Turmeric”

150gm Kraft Pack Was $36.00 – NOW $31.00

200gm Kraft Pack Was $47.80 – NOW $40.30

250gm Kraft Pack Was $59.65 – NOW $52.65

350gm Kraft Pack Was $76.30 – NOW $65.30

500gm Kraft Pack Was $101.00 – NOW $84.00

MSM and Vitamin C

Joint Supplement and Wellbeing

1kg Was $33.00 – NOW $28.50

2kg Was $59.00 – NOW $50.00

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