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Pazture Guarde - Extra Pasture and Muscle Support

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"Do you have a spooky horse that's not concentrating?  Hates being touched,  groomed, often girthy and dangerous to ride or handle"?  If so, Pazture Guarde  is a quick acting daily supplement that will restore a calm focus mind in no time.

Pazture Guarde helps protect the horse against magnesium and thiamine deficiency. Maintains a healthy pH which is important for soft, relaxed muscles.

Helps the grass affected horse cope with changes in the pasture by supplying a source of magnesium and other essential nutrients that are deficient.

Why feed Magnesium to Horses?

Magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function. Horses who are deficient show signs of nervousness, excitability, are jumpy, have tight sore backs which is not related to saddle fit. They have muscle tremors and skin hypersensitivity.

A magnesium deficient horse is likely to have a poor tolerance to work, fatigue quickly and prone to tying up. They build up lactic acid more quickly which is why magnesium deficient horses sometimes have behavior problems. They fatigue more quickly after work and don't recover as well. 

When a horse gets excited it's body uses magnesium to calm down and relax. The lower the magnesium level, the lower the threshold for new stress.

Magnesium deficient horses can start out calm during exercise. As the session progresses they become more spooky and stressed.

Ingredients per 20gm scoop level: Magnesium Aspartate, Thiamine (B1), Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Ascorbate, Organic Coconut Oil. Does not contain Selenium. All ingredients are top quality human grade.

Dosage: Horses and ponies start with 20gm per day until familiar with taste and smell. Increase to a loading dose of 60gm per day for 7 days. Discontinue any other magnesium supplements. If your mixed feed contains magnesium oxide, this can be fed in conjunction with Pazture Guarde. Some horses that have higher magnesium levels do not require the loading dose so start with 40gm per day.

Maintenance dose is 40gm per day. Adjust the dose according to the time of the year. Some horses require the loading dose of 60gm per day to stay calm and focused. During spring and autumn, dose rates will be higher due to the deficiency of magnesium in the pasture. Maximum dose rate during this time is 80gm.

Feeding too much magnesium can make a horse spooky.

Racing has a withholding time for Sodium Bicarbonate so check with your veterinarian. Nil withholding for FEI competitions. For racing and endurance Pazture Mag, is recommended in place of Pazture Guarde, 48 hours prior to events.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and keep sealed at all times.

Refill size: 1.2kg and  2.4kg. The refill is sealable and comes with a scoop.

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