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Eaze Up - Super Antioxidant, Joint, Ligament and Muscle Support

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This is an amazing product that helps horse’s and ponies recover from neck, back, pelvis, and limb problems so much quicker! It will also help reduce your horses massage therapy, osteopath, and chiropractor bills. It provides essential nutrients missing in the diet to help support the healing process.  It is a wonderful source of super antioxidants. It also helps with the repair of muscles, ligaments and is safe on the digestive system.


Testimonial Beth Lamb - Northland 2020

Just have to say ..... holy hell I made a financial tough decision to change our older pony from a Very Popular Joint Supplement and try him on your Eaze Up.... OMG I wish I had done this sooner!!!!! At this rate he won’t need Pentosan injections either. He is pumping around the paddock like a 2 year old not 19. THANK YOU for making such amazing products. He started on the Eaze Up at the end of January 2020.

All ingredients are human grade and include:

  • Antioxidants - Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Alpha Lipoic Acid, is a novel antioxidant which is both water soluble and fat soluble, protecting the cell against oxidative stress.
  • MSM, (Methylsulphonylmethane) which is an important building block of normal tissue. Helps horses and pones move more freely. It is a bioavailable form of sulphur for building and repairing cartilage. It also helps support a normal inflammatory response.
  • Glucosamine which helps to support equine joint health and comfort. Glucosamine can help to reduce stiffness and poor mobility in equines.


Ingredients per 20gm level scoop:

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) 11,000mg
Glucosamine Sulphate 3,000mg
Sodium Ascorbate 3,700mg
Alpha Lipocic Acid 800 mg
Coconut Flour 1500mg

Contains no artificial flavours like vanilla, apple or cherry. Smells like coconut.


The Benefits of feeding MSM

  • Although naturally occurring in foods such as lucerne and whole grains, the amount of MSM from the horse's diet is unlikely to be a significant contributor compared to supplementing with the pure ingredient.
  • MSM is essential for joint health and one of its most important roles is the production of collagen, which is a component of connective tissue and cartilage which are the “shock absorbers’ of the joints. MSM can be beneficial for any horse, young or old, in need of additional joint support.
  • MSM has benefits for heavily exercised horses by minimizing oxidative damage and inflammation allowing their muscles to recover quickly. It is frequently given to high performance horses to keep them in top competition shape.
  • It can help to promote an active lifestyle, by helping older horses to stay comfortable and mobile.
  • It can support the production of Keratin – a protein which makes up hair, hooves, and skin. MSM is wonderful for promoting healthy hooves.
  • It helps supports soft tissue, tendon, and ligament health. MSM can prevent oxidative damage; help to produce glutathione (an antioxidant which keeps tissues healthy); and is rich in sulphur for joint, tissue, tendon, and ligament health.
  • Naturally targets the body’s inflammatory response to support repair and recovery.

The Benefits of feeding Glucosamine Sulphate:

  • It helps to support equine joint health and comfort. As a joint supplement for horses, Glucosamine can help to reduce stiffness and poor mobility in equines.
  • A great all-rounder: Glucosamine for horses can improve performance and exuberance in horses; benefits collagen, joint fluid, tendon, and ligament health; and can help to treat and prevent arthritis.
  • It naturally targets the body’s inflammatory response to assist with daily wear and tear, repair, and recovery.
  • It’s great for keeping older horses comfortable. It can help senior horses to stay comfortable and is often used to support mobility in older equines.
  • Glucosamine for horses is safe for consistent long-term use, with no reported side effects

The Benefits of Feeding Vitamin C

Eaze Up contains sodium ascorbate which is a form of vitamin C that has sodium components that help lower its acidity levels. The sodium content helps vitamin C to be easily absorbed and stay longer in the body.

As a water-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin C can help keep the horse healthy in times of stress. As an antioxidant the vitamin works to fight against free radicals by neutralising them and therefore rendering them non-harmful. If antioxidants are unavailable free radicals can build up in the body leading to damage of cells and tissues.

Vitamin C also plays a role in the immune system of the horse. This vitamin helps to enhance how the immune system works by stimulating the formation of antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that are needed for fighting off invading pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.


Factors that Influence Vitamin C

  • Healthy horses grazing on fresh forage should get sufficient Vitamin C through their diet. However, many horses do not have the opportunity to graze continuously and are involved in training programmes, which can be stressful to the immune system.
  • Stresses that happen on a regular basis such as: Competition, transportation, changes in environment and separation anxiety.  Surgical interventions such as castration and vaccination can reduce tissue levels of Vitamin C and the disease status of the horse such as infections, viruses, and parasitism.
  • Therefore, when it comes to supplementation, although horses can synthesise this vitamin within their body, in times of stress from training or performance, Vitamin C levels may be depleted, and supplementation is required to support immune function and to support healthy connective tissue.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA):

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a novel antioxidant which is both water and fat soluble. It helps protect the cell against oxidation stress and has the ability to regenerate other antioxidants and make them active again. Antioxidants are either produced by the body or can be provided in the diet. Common antioxidants include vitamin C, and E which are found in fresh healthy grasses. The horses’ diet is generally sufficient in Alpha Lipocic Acid because it’s found in green plants, but some horses and ponies are on restricted grazing. Once fresh grass is cut and stored as hay, it is lost through oxidation.


Benefits of Feeding Alpha Lipoic Acid:

  • Alpha lipoic acid is a beneficial antioxidant especially for horses and ponies predisposed to weight gain and laminitis. It helps encourage healthy metabolism in horses which are good doers or prone to laminitis.
  • It can be used to support healthy hoof laminae.
  • Horses in hard work will benefit from alpha lipoic acid to help maintain and support the bodies defence against free radicals.


Feeding Instructions:

Dosage: Horses 400-650kg begin with 20gm, (1 scoop)  in feed until used to taste and smell then increase to loading dose of 40gm, (2 scoops) per day for 7 days. Reduce to 20gms a day after that. If the horse performs better on 40gm per day, continue with that dose rate. Maximum dose rate per day in times of stress is 60gm. 

Dosage: Ponies 100-399kg begin with 10gm, (1/2 scoop) in feed until used to taste and smell then increase to loading dose of 20gm, (1 scoop) per day for 7 days. Reduce to 10gm a day after that. If the pony performs better on 20gm per day, continue with that dose rate. Maximum dose rate per day in times of stress is 40gm.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and keep sealed at all times.

Does not contain Selenium.

Withholding period for race horses as it contains MSM. Please consult your veterinarian for this information. Nil withholding for FEI and NZEF rules.


Hana Bognuda - Wanganui - 2020

I have been using Eaze Up for the last 4 ½ years. It is my absolute go to if I have a horse feeling the hard ground, getting a bit stiff with work or to keep them feeling their best all year round. Eaze Up has played a huge part of keeping my horses and schoolers sound while competing and working on this rock-hard ground. I have found it especially good for the older horses who can suffer from joint problems and soreness issues.

P Kenny - Auckland- February 2016

Since introducing Eaze Up to my 26 year old warmbloods feed a few months ago, I am thrilled with the improvements. He is no longer lame and his stiffness has decreased. He is happily walking and trotting around the paddock. I am impressed because he was at the point of going to horsey heaven because he was sore and depressed. 

Anya Buys - Auckland - February 2016

As Nemo also had hip and back problems for which he was receiving treatment every three weeks for, I decided to try Rachel's Eaze Up, the results were amazing. I was able to cut my treatments down drastically and now only need them done about every 6 - 8 weeks when necessary. 

Ruth Kennett - Auckland - February 2016

My horse is a big horse and would get quite stiff in this shoulders and neck, especially on the hard ground. Since using Eaze Up he is moving so much better and is no longer stiff. Fabulous product

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